This Car is Popular For:

    • Wedding100%
    • Music Videos50%
    • Prom10%
    • Hen Night10%
    • Funeral15%
    • Sightseeing75%
    • Special Events i.e. Birthday85%
    • Custom Tours99%

    Beauford 5 Door Open Tourer

    1930s Style Open Top Beauford Tourer. This car will accommodate the grandest of wedding gowns. One of our most popular Wedding Cars.

    British built. Available in White and Cream Original brown leather, and this version is off course convertible.

    1930s Style Open Top Beauford Tourer car comes complete with a smartly dressed chauffeur, male or female, large umbrellas, ribbons and bows if needed.

    A truly stunning car – the perfect way to begin your journey to married life.

    £350 / starts from

    Estimated Pricing

    Times One Way Return
    1 Hour £350 x
    3 Hours x £450
    4 Hours x £495
    5 Hours x £550
    6 Hours x £600
    7 Hours x £650
    8 Hours x £700
    Daily x x
    Custom Please Call Please Call