This Car is Popular For:

    • Wedding70%
    • Music Videos86%
    • Prom91%
    • Hen Night63%
    • Funeral94%
    • Sightseeing90%
    • Special Events i.e. Birthday85%
    • Custom Tours97%

    Mercedes S Class

    Our Mercedes S Class are full AMG specifications so you get the best.

    With either black or Cream interior, our cars are some of the best in the market.

    for a personal quote, please call, WhatsApp or send us a message.

    £250 / starts from

    Estimated Pricing

    Times One Way Return
    1 Hour £250 x
    3 Hours x £350
    4 Hours x £395
    5 Hours x please call
    6 Hours x £450
    7 Hours x please call
    8 Hours x please call
    Daily x x
    Custom Please Call Please Call