This Car is Popular For:

    • Wedding70%
    • Music Videos86%
    • Prom91%
    • Hen Night63%
    • Funeral94%
    • Sightseeing90%
    • Special Events i.e. Birthday85%
    • Custom Tours97%

    Rolls-Royce Ghost Series 2 in Black

    Rolls-Royce Ghost Series 2 in Black unleashed, its aura intensified. More power, more audacity, more spirit. The boldest expression of Rolls-Royce is crafted for those who will never conform. 

    This is one of the kind, and the only one available for hire in London. 

    If you really want to be unique, stand out from the crowd. This car is it. 

    Black with starlights

    Be careful of cheap imitations.

    Available for weddings, music videos, promo shots, shopping trips and much more

    £350 / starts from

    Estimated Pricing

    Times One Way Return
    1 Hour £350 x
    3 Hours x £450
    4 Hours x £495
    5 Hours x £550
    6 Hours x £600
    7 Hours x £750
    8 Hours x £800
    Daily x x
    Custom Please Call Please Call